Classes Held In Bordentown & Cream Ridge

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child won’t sit? At Music Together® we teach developmentally appropriate practices, and the truth is, it’s not developmentally appropriate for children under 5 to sit still for 45 minutes! We truly understand that children learn at their own pace and in their own way so as long as they aren’t being destructive or harmful to other children, our expectations are that they will sometimes get up move around and explore the space.

Why mixed aged classes? Music together mixed aged classes are designed for families to participate together. Mixed-age classes provide a rich learning environment because children of different ages thrive when they interact with each other. Younger children watch the older ones and often try to mimic things the things they are doing, which they might not be ready for on their own. Older children enjoy helping and sharing with the "little" ones and often thrive being the “leaders” in class. This approach is based on research from music education, early childhood development, and family relationships, as well as our 20 years experience in the field.

What if I can’t sing or dance? The program is not designed with performance in mind. Instead we foster a fun music learning environment where children learn from their favorite teacher….YOU. Your children look up to you and mimic the grown-ups they love, so sing out no matter how you think it sounds, because you will foster a love of music in your children that will be an everlasting gift.

How often do classes meet? Each semester lasts 10 weeks and class length is 45 minutes per class. We offer three sessions per year.

Will I know the songs? A few songs are classic children’s music that you may already know, but included in your tuition are 2 cd’s and a songbook so you can listen to the music at home, in the car or anywhere. Don't worry they are really fun so you won't get sick of hearing them. Each semester has a different collection, no repeats until your third year!

Tuition and Registration

Tuition includes- A CD, a free digital download, a songbook, Music Together newsletter, Growth chart, and Parent DVD (to families new to the program).

Cost- Tuition for the first child is $200, siblings over 9 months are $50 and sibling infants 9 months and under are free. Tuition is due in full with your registration and no registrations will be entered without full payment.

Cancellation Policy-Tuition is non-refundable once the semester begins. Cancellations received prior to the start date for each semester will be given a refund less a $25 cancellation fee. While refunds will not be given after the start of the semester, in case of a family emergency or extenuating circumstances as defined by Wee Jam, partial credits may be issued for future semesters.

Make up Classes- Families are given the opportunity to make up two classes per semester. At the end of each semester a Makeup/Demo class will be offered during the two “off” weeks between semesters. You may also join another class time during the regular semester as a makeup. You must RSVP if you choose this option.